Steps to Lodging a Claim

1. If you need to lodge a claim select one of the following forms

2. Fill in the required information 
3. Send the Claim Lodgement to your Broker or email us at

What happens when you lodge a claim 

After you have lodge a claim, the process can vary depending on the type of claim you've made. Here's a general outline of what typically happens:

  1. Initial Review: Once you submit your claim, it goes through an initial review process where things such as loss type, excesses, cause of loss and date of loss is considered. 
  2. Investigation: After the initial review, a qualified assessor is assigned. To investigate the circumstances and quantity of your loss.  
  3. Decision: Based on the findings of the assessor, a decision will be made regarding the outcome of the claim. This decision could include approval of the claim, denial of the claim, or a request for further information or documentation. It is at this stage a monetary figure will be placed on your loss minus the applicable excesses. 
  4. If your claim is approved, we will ask you to provide your bank details so we can put the settlement monies in your preferred account. We will also ask you to sign a document confirming your agreeance to the settlement offer. 
  5. Appeals Process: If your claim is denied and you believe that decision to be incorrect, you will have the option to appeal. The appeals process typically involves submitting additional information or documentation to support your case and having it reviewed by a higher authority or appeals board.
  6. Resolution: Once a final decision is reached, the claim is considered resolved. If approved, you may receive the benefits, compensation, or assistance outlined in the decision. If denied, you may need to explore other options, such as pursuing further appeals or seeking alternative forms of recourse.

Further details on the appeals process and resolution can be found in the following link See our Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution

Throughout the claims process, it's important to communicate promptly with assessors, your claims team and your broker. Our Claims Team will also keep you and your broker informed. 

Our Loss Adjusters 

Loss adjusters provide valuable expertise and assistance during challenging times. Their professional knowledge and experience enable them to assess damages accurately, expedite the claims process, and ensure fair outcomes for all parties involved. By facilitating clear communication between insurers, growers, brokers and other stakeholders, loss adjusters help streamline the resolution process and contribute to restoring peace of mind for those affected by loss or adversity, ultimately they help farmers and their businesses alike recover and rebuild with confidence.

Our Trusted Loss Adjuster:


Agri Business Consulting Group

We utilise the services of Agri Business Consulting Group They are an independent provider of specialist loss adjustment, loss/risk management and consulting services. The Group’s operations cover both domestic and international projects, working in conjunction with Insurers, Industry Organisations, Corporate Enterprises, Governments and International Agencies.

The Group’s involvement in agriculture extends back to 1977 and since then, has included a broad range of Insurance Schemes covering forestry, broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, silviculture, floriculture, aquaculture and livestock and has also been actively involved in many of the major agricultural Products and Public Liability claims in Australia  and New Zealand over the last decade, involving crops, Forests, equipment, chemicals, fertilisers, agronomy and farming systems.

In terms of Forestry insurance, Agri Business Consulting Group follow established methods of loss measurement involving the grower at all stages to ensure that the claim process is totally transparent. Their prime objective is to achieve fair, reasonable and equitable outcomes for both Insurers and Growers.

Visit the Agri Business Consulting Group website

Claims Fraud

Did you know that insurance fraud imposes additional costs on honest policyholders? Insurance premiums are calculated on risk. So fraud is really a cost to our local community and to every policyholder.

While we focus on paying claims, as a responsible community insurer we also manage levels of risk to control premium costs and to protect honest policyholders. The majority of claims are legitimate, a small number are suspicious and are referred through to investigators for further analysis.

​The good news is that community perceptions are changing. People who do the right thing don't want to subsidise fraudulent claimants. We're encouraging the community to help prevent insurance fraud.

You can help. How to report insurance fraud

Email us at

​ Phone (anonymous)
09 951 8002

Fraud Manager
7/154 Fullarton Road
Rose Park, 5067

Insurance Council of NZ

We are a member of the Insurance Council of NZ and adhere to the Fair Insurance Code, which provides you with assurance that the we have high standards of service to our customers. Read more details about the code